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mikeburton says:

Here is the list of error codes form the serve manual. Nearest guess would be an ASIC ECU error of some sort:

00000101 CR motor life p.129
00010000 PF motor encoder check error p.130
00010001 PF motor out of step p.130
00010002 PF motor overcurrent p.131
00010003 PF motor in-position time-out p.131
00010004 CR motor encoder check error p.132
00010005 CR motor out of step p.132
00010006 CR motor overcurrent p.133
00010007 CR motor in-position time-out p.133
00010008 Servo interrupt watchdog time-out p.134
00010009 System interrupt watchdog time-out p.134
0001000A CR home position sensor error p.134
0001000B PF home position sensor error p.134
0001000C Head slide (PG) home position sensor error p.135
0001000F CR motor PWM output faulty p.135
00010010 PF motor PWM output faulty p.136
0001001B Head driver (TG) temperature error p.136
0001001D CR servo parameter error p.137
0001001E PF servo parameter error p.137
00010020 CSIC reed/right error p.138
00010022 Ink type error (setting on printer body side) p.138
00010023 RTC analysis error p.138
00010025 CSIC ROM communication error p.139
00010026 RTC communication error p.139
00010028 Head error p.139
00010029 Unidentified NMI p.139
0001002A CR ASIC ECU error p.139
0001002B PF ASIC ECU error p.140
00020000 NVRAM error p.140
00020002 SDRAM error p.140
00020003 BOOT program SUM error p.140
00020004 NVRAM error (3K) p.140
00020005 NVRAM error (32K) p.140
00020009 Flash memory SUM error p.140
0002000A Program load error p.141
0002000B Internal memory shortage error p.141
0002000C Review error p.141
100000E0 CPU address error (load misalignment) p.141
10000100 CPU address error (storage misalignment) p.141
10000180 CPU reserve command code exception error p.141
100001A0 CPU slot illegal command exception error p.141
100005C0 CPU DMA address error p.142
10000xxx CPU error p.142
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